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A letter from our Treasurer.


Dear White Oak Christian Family,

Summer 2015 camp season is over. We witnessed a great deal of life changing events happen here at camp this summer! We witnessed people pulling together to get camp ready at the last minute due to tree contracts falling through. We had a GREAT class of YOW kids come through that was made up of hard working teen helpers for the summer deans. We did introduce some new games this summer that were a big hit! However Most importantly we have seen the word of God preached, the worshiping of God with song, and new brothers and sisters introduced into the family of God through Baptism!

However with the good sometimes comes the bad. This year we have seen a significant decrease in campers ever week this year. On average we have seen 7-8 campers less per full week of camp then years past. This means our summer budget of registration income was decreased around $2400. This has left us with some outstanding bills at the end of the summer. We are calling out for help as we are in need of about $2400 in donations to make up for this difference. We know our God is great and he will provide to help cover this short coming. We are hoping to have these funds soon. If we do not have the funds by the end of September it will cause our budget going into the fall/winter to be lowered.

We know times are tough in this economy and money is tight all around. We have explained on our social media accounts that if everybody who has liked our pages would give a $10 donation we could meet and exceed this goal! (Est. around 450-500 people) We have contacted other camps in our brotherhood and asked about this summer and have found that numbers have been down all summer long. We are not alone in this hurting time.

If your group has any questions about this fund raising drive or anything dealing with camp please feel free to call me at the number below and I will do my best to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I would also love to come speak to your church or youth group during any function to help promote White Oak Chistian Camp.

You can send a check to:

White Oak Christian Camp
521 W Urbandale Dr
Moberly, MO 65270

Or use our GoFundMe page at:

Thanks for your time,

Bill Stoldt
Property/Camp Manager
White Oak Christian Camp
660-998-5850-Cell phone



Did you know Wocc Rents our facilities for parties and reunions?

Thats right, when camp is not in session we do allow groups to rent out our grounds for activities and events. Want more info? Contact Andy at