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Grounds For A Cause

We are Super excited to announce that White Oak Christian Camp is Teaming up with Grounds For a Cause! Grounds for a cause is (among other things) Focused on providing a way to help camps raise money for different things through coffee. And let me tell you, its not just any coffee. This coffee is freshly roasted and can even be freshly ground and then bagged and shipped directly to you or a church near you.

For more information or to find out how you can get a bag to help support White Oak >>Click Here<<


February, 2015

MAY 8TH & 9TH is Youth Orientation 2015. Youth orientation is hosted in the spring of each year with several purposes in mind. First and foremost it is used to help deans choose campers who present a responsible and respectful Christian student leadership attitude. in addition it allows the deans to see how well they work, listen to instructions, and follow through. This is also the event when the kitchen managers try out and evaluate the campers who are applying for kitchen helper scholarships.